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You can read more about this orangutan rescue on our blog!

The Foundation’s rescue teams need all the help they can get. Donate now to help orangutans like Narti to find a new home.


25th Anniversary

Join us to celebrate the Orangutan Foundation’s 25th Anniversary...

What a wonderful way to start our next 25 years:

Increasing critical orangutan habitat by 8,000 hectares


To mark our 25th Anniversary, we are now launching an ambitious challenge to secure the future of 8,000 hectares of prime, critical orangutan habitat adjacent to the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. This area (larger than Guernsey in the Channel Islands) would increase the size of the reserve by 15 per cent, bringing the total extent of its protected habitat to 64,000 hectares.


Lamandau Wildlife Reserve

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Existing reserve (boundaries indicated by red lines)
Additional 8,000 hectares (indicated by pink cross-hatched inset)

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We need your support to make a long-term commitment to the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve by planning for the next 25 years. With your help, our vital conservation work can continue into the next quarter century.


Every donation will make a difference: both to orangutans and the tropical forest habitats that they need to survive.

Thanks to a generous supporter, you can donate to our appeal today and double your donation!

Thank you for your generous support.



Habitat Protection – the core of what we do

The Orangutan Foundation has always made habitat protection a priority and the use of guard posts and patrols in protecting Tanjung Puting National Park and the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, with their precious orangutan populations, has been extremely successful.

Our strategically located guard posts act as a visible deterrent to people trying to enter forests illegally, and as bases from which we can launch patrols and fire-fighting teams. They are an essential element in orangutan conservation; if the forests are not safe, neither are the orangutans.

By giving to this appeal you can be assured that you are literally helping to keep forests standing and orangutans in the wild.

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Habitat Protection - the core of what we do



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Adopt an Orangutan

Support the return of orangutans back on their slow journey back to the wild by adopting an orphan orangutan.

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Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a legacy is the greatest gift you can give us as it provides a secure resource for our crucial work.

Leaving a lasting legacy