New enclosure for blind orangutan, Aan

We are pleased to report that blind orangutan, Aan, has a new enclosure. It allows her greater freedom of movement and more sunlight gets through, which reduces the dampness and make it fresher. We would like to thank everyone who donated in response to Aan’s incredible survival story.

Aan's new cage

Inside Aan's new cage

Installation of ropes

Aan remains scared of humans and she tried to bite one of our staff as they tried to transfer her to her new cage. Therefore, she had to be sedated to minimize her stress and the risk of injury to our staff.

Darting Aan in old cage in order to transfer her to new cage

Safety net to catch Aan once anesthetised

Once considered safe, the vet took the opportunity to have Aan weighed. She is now 26 kg and so she has gained 1 kg seen her rescue.

Weighing Aan, who is sedated

Aan was still sedated as she was placed into the new cage on a shelf covered with leaves as bedding. Within a few moments of waking up, she started playing and eating.

Making a bed of leaves in Aan's new cage

Aan sedated in new cage before she woke up

Our staff regard Aan as a clever orangutan. She is surviving well by relying on her senses of hearing and taste. She is still selective about food. If given fruit which is a bit past its best or maybe sour, Aan will rejected it or even throw it away.

Please help with a donation to help us care for Aan.

Thank you for your support.

Orangutan Foundation

One thought on “New enclosure for blind orangutan, Aan

  1. Thank you for doing this for Aan! She has suffered so much at the hands of cruel humans. Please give her the best of the best!!

    From your observations, does Aan seem happy (or depressed/sad)?

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