Amazing orangutans pictures…

These wonderful photos have just been sent to us from the field, all taken by Foundation staff in the protected Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. These re-introduced individuals, some who were re-introduced years ago, are now well known by the Foundation staff. Many of the females have had offspring since their re-introduction to the Reserve, living in a safe and healthy environment. With¬†this window into their world, we can see how they are getting along…

e Amoi and AlexDSC_3824

Mother Amoi with her one year old Alex

e alex DSC_3749

Swinging Alex

e Alex play DSC_3857

It is important that Alex learns quickly. Whilst she is with her mother, Amoi, she can afford to make a few mistakes, though obviously tree-navigation won’t be a problem!

k Amoi and Alex DSC_3830

Alex being lifted to be put on her mothers back.

k Badut dan BB DSC_3777

Badut with her little one BB – BB is already ten months old!

k BB DSC_3783

BB ; showing off the hair that is so characteristic of this red ape.

k e amoi and AlexDSC_3829

Alex learning with mother Amoi. As she’s a year old, Alex is starting to learn which foods are good to eat!

k e Luxi and Luna DSC_3821

Luxi and with her little Luna. Although smaller, Luna is about the same age as Alex at one year old.


2 thoughts on “Amazing orangutans pictures…

  1. Absolutely stunning photos. They transports me back to Borneo. Keep up the amazing work you are all doing. Cathy

  2. The clarity of these photos is stunning. It reminds me of the 7 weeks we had in Borneo and the wondrous sights we had of wild and habituated orangs in Kalimantan , Sabah & Sarawak.
    Keep up this stunning work.

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