An Orangutan Foundation snapshot – 2017

Here is a snapshot of the Orangutan Foundation’s year in the field, thanks to our dedicated Indonesian staff. Most importantly, thank you for your ongoing support. We truly could not do, what we do, without you.

January: Miners evicted from the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve and mining equipment confiscated.

Confiscation of illegal mining equipment. Also, shows the devastating impact of mining on the forest ecosystem. © Orangutan Foundation

February: Attempts to restore sight to blind orangutan Aan sadly fail but her story galvanises support for her cause. We continue to care for Aan to ensure she has the best quality of life possible.

Blind Bornean orangutan Aan © Orangutan Foundation

March: Infant orphans, Mona (top) and Nyunyu (below), are rescued and enter our Soft Release Programme, bringing it to 10 young orangutans being cared for.

Mona, orphaned infant orangutan Mona in soft-release ©Orangutan Foundation

Nyunyu, orphan infant Bornean orangutan looked after by the Orangutan Foundation © Orangutan Foundation

April: Orangutan Foundation, active on Earth Day, involving young Indonesian’s in cleaning up rubbish in their local environment.

Conservation education, Earth Day 2017 © Orangutan Foundation

May: Publication of our new photo book promotes the wonders of the orangutan’s world and raises vital funds for forest restoration.

The Orangutan's World - available for purchase

Orangutan Foundation’s new photo book ‘The Orangutan’s World’ not only raises awareness about the orangutan’s habitat but raises vital funds too. © Orangutan Foundation

June: A new orangutan birth in Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. Venty shows off her new baby, Volvo.


Female orangutan, Venty with her newborn Volvo. © Orangutan Foundation

 July: Another birth!  Dedek gives birth to a healthy baby, named Dublin.  Orangutans Jessica and Ketty, are released back to the wild!

Dublin, Dedek’s newborn baby orangutan. © Orangutan Foundation


August: Orangutan Foundation staff help tackle fires and stop them spreading to the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve.

Fire close to the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve August 2017 © Orangutan Foundation

September: Orangutan Foundation Patrols in Tanjung Puting National Park remove and destroy illegal fishing traps, which also pose a threat to other wildlife species.

Illegal fishing in Tanjung Puting National Park September 2017 © Orangutan Foundation

October: Bangkal, an ex-captive rehabilitated orangutan, reminds all who is King of Lamandau!

Dominant male Bornean orangutan , Bangkal. © Orangutan foundation

November: 22,000 tree saplings planted out in the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve in 2017

A nursery worker tending to seedlings.. © Orangutan Foundation

December: A wild female orangutan is rescued from a beach resort and translocated to the safety of the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve.

Release of a Bornean female orangutan back into the wild ©Orangutan Foundation

And to finish off our year here’s Adib, the latest orphan orangutan to join us in November, making his first climb at Camp JL, in the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve.

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