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Book ‘Tales from Gombe’, by renowned photographers Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers.

Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers have spent much of the last decade in the company of the world-famous chimpanzees of Tanzania's Gombe National Park, getting to know their characters and learning about the intricacies of their lives. Tales from Gombe provides an unparalled insight into their world. Through endearing stories and stunningly intimate photography, it tells the story of their lives, an epic saga full of convoluted plots, family alliances, intrigue, love, passion, suffering, ambition, politics, puzzles, surprises and controversies.

Sold by the Natural History Museum here, or Amazon here.

Just released – Deforestation by Borneo Futures

Please watch this short clip with factual information about the history of Deforestation in Borneo.


International Day of Action: #SaveLeuserEcosystem

The Leuser Ecosystem on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia is in grave danger. Local politicians want to allow logging, mining and palm oil plantations in this vulnerable area. Sumatran orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers are already hanging on by a thread. They will not survive the destruction of the Leuser Ecosystem.

Indonesia’s President SB Yudhoyono could help stop the deforestation before he goes out of office. The President will be speaking at the UN Climate Summit coming up in New York, we only have a short window of time to get his attention before he leaves office.


Please see here :


VIDEO: Deforestation - The Dark Side of Borneo

A short clip with factual information about the history of Deforestation in Borneo.

Indonesia is Losing Primary Forest at a Staggering Rate

A new analysis published in Nature Climate Change shows that Indonesia now has the highest rate of loss of tropical primary forest in the world. This means Indonesia deforestation now exceeds the known high rates documented in Brazil.

Huge loss of the primary tropical forest is a result of human presence, decimating the most carbon- and biodiversity-rich type of forest ecosystem.

Belinda Margono and her team (researchers from the University of Maryland) worked to report the overwhelming figure. These analysis map out and quantify Indonesia’s annual loss of primary forest. It is now known that from 2000 to 2012, Indonesia lost more than 6 million hectares of primary forest.

Indonesia has enough lost forest to cover an area half the size of England in twelve years.

In recent years, Indonesia has lost almost twice as much primary forest as Brazil lost in 2012. Perhaps most worryingly, the new data shows that the problem is getting worse: Indonesia's primary forest loss is increasing by an average of 47,600 hectares every year. Working from the previous groundbreaking global analysis led by Professor Matthew Hansen in partnership with Google published in Science 2013 (see the fantastic ‘forest-tracking’ interactive map here), we now have to keep a close eye on Indonesian wetlands - areas which have lost more and more forest each year, often resulting in huge amounts of greenhouse gases being released into the air from the wet swampy peat soils on which the forest grows.


Conservationists to use facebook and twitter to give 24-hour window into wildlife of remote rainforests

On 2 June 2014 conservationists are coming together to share 24 hours of wildlife sightings from rainforest sites across Southeast Asia.

Rainforest: Live will take advantage of the power of social media and the spread of technology to even some of the most remote corners of the globe.

Through Twitter and Facebook, eleven organisations will share live photos, videos and wildlife sightings from their respective field sites in the rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia, all using the hashtag #rainforestlive.

Members of the public can take part by using the hashtag to ask the questions about rainforests that they have always wanted to know.

Conservationists to use facebook and twitter to give 24-hour window into wildlife of remote rainforests

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Please support the petition to cancel Aceh's illegal spatial plan

Survival of Sumatran orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers to be decided in days.

What is urgently needed right now is the biggest show of global support we can muster to remind Indonesia’s national government that the world is seriously concerned over the fate of Tripa and the Leuser Ecosystem, and is ready to fully support a just and fair decision that upholds national law.

If you only sign one petition this year, let it be this one. Please share widely...


Pressure Mounts on Procter & Gamble as Mars Agrees to Protect Rainforests

"Procter & Gamble still has its head in the sand about its dirty palm oil use - so this morning our campaigner paid a visit to one of its suppliers, Musim Mas, to show P&G just what it's buying.

"A few weeks ago, the land you see here was forest. Now it's acres of cleared land that will soon be a palm oil plantation; the beautiful trees chopped down and sold to be sold to a nearby pulp mill.

"P&G says its palm oil is sustainable - so why is it buying from this company, Musim Mas?"


Read the full story at

One of the “World’s Most Irreplaceable Protected Areas” Under Threat as Aceh Parliament Passes Controversial Spatial Plan

PRESS RELEASE - January 19th, 2014

[Jakarta / Indonesia] On 27th December 2013 the Aceh Parliament dismayed local community members, NGOs and scientists around the world by passing a highly controversial new land use plan. If approved by Indonesia’s Central Government later this month, the plan (known locally as Qanun RTRWA) will severely threaten Aceh’s last remaining lowland forests and the life support they provide to millions of Acehnese people.

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Aceh Court Orders Palm Oil Firm to Pay for Environmental Damage

A court in the Aceh district of Meulaboh has declared palm oil company Kalista Alam guilty of clearing Rawa Tripa peat forests in Aceh by burning land.

“Based on trial evidence, we declare PT Kalista Alam guilty of having burned peatlands in Rawa Trip forest, which has caused environmental damages,” chief judge Rahmawati said, during a seven-hour reading of the verdict that ended on Wednesday night.

The Meulaboh District Court also ordered for the confiscation of 5,769-hectare land run by Kalista Alam in Aceh, and for the company to pay fines and restoration fees.

“We order PT Kalista Alam to compensate material losses worth Rp 114 billion ($9.45 million) and pay environment restoration fees totaling Rp 251 billion.”

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The Leuser Ecosystem - World Heritage Protection, or destroyed forever?!

The Leuser Ecosystem ( often referred to just as ‘KEL’ ) is the last place on earth where Tigers, Orangutans, Elephants and Rhinos roam together in the wild. In total, it’s 2.6 million hectares of protected forests, of which 80% and the vast majority of Sumatra’s remaining biodiversity is in the Province of Aceh, Sumatra Indonesia.


Please sign and share this urgent petition today.  Never underestimate the impact you can make to help save the people and biodiversity of Aceh.

HSBC bankrolls deforestation, pushing orangutans to brink

High Street giant HSBC is bankrolling the destruction of rainforests essential for the survival of Bornean orangutans and other endangered species.

View the full report and videos at the Environmental Investigation Agency website...


Indonesia blames eight firms for fires affecting region

Story on

JAKARTA - Indonesia on Friday blamed eight companies, including Singapore's Sinar Mas and Asia Pacific Resources International (APRIL), for fires raging on its island of Sumatra that have sent hazardous levels of smog to neighbouring Singapore.

"The majority of hotspots in Riau (province) are inside APRIL and Sinar Mas concessions," senior presidential aide Kuntoro Mangkusubroto told Reuters.

The environment minister said not all eight companies were Singapore based, but declined to name the rest of them.

Please sign this petition to save 1.2 million hectares of Sumatran forest, habitat of orangutans, elephants, tigers and rhinos

Sign the petition at

"As concerned citizens we urge you to reject the plan to cut down the rainforest in Aceh, and ensure instead the local community has a voice in planning that prioritises sustainable development, and that protects this fragile ecosystem and the animals that live there. Indonesia’s majestic forests are a global treasure, and we also call on you to immediately extend and strengthen the logging moratorium that expires in May to protect the rain forests."

Conservationists urge RSPO member to cease rainforest destruction after starving orangutans rescued from concession

Oil palm firm urged to halt after rescue of orangutans.

"WEST KALIMANTAN: Dramatic footage released today shows starving orangutans being rescued from an oil palm concession in Borneo after their forest homes were bulldozed by a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), in flagrant violation of the body’s rules.

"Conservationists have urged oil palm firm Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) to cease further clearing immediately amid credible concerns that more of the endangered species are trapped inside the concession and will die if not relocated."

Read the full Environmental Investigation Agency Press Release here ...

Find Out More About the Situation in Tripa

"Your support has made our previous petition at a historical success! But with Tripa still being burned, cleared, destroyed and the Sumatran Orangutan still being pushed closer to extintion, we need to urgently double our efforts and keep up the pressure and action!

"The Governor of Aceh has made history by finally revoked the license of one of the illegally operating companies thanks to the pressure generated by our first petitions. But with 5 more companies still destroying protected area inside Tripa, the fight has only just begun!"


Read the full article at

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