Happy New Year from the Orangutan Foundation!

Our work on the ground is progressing and we are positive looking forward as we start 2014. We are proud of our following achievements from 2013 ...

  • Translocated and rescued 10 orangutans in 2013. All these individuals came from either oil palm plantations or local villages.

  • Ongoing reintroduction programme which supports six release camps in the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve.

  • Six female orangutans gave birth to new offspring, joining five youngsters who are seen regularly and are being well looked after by their mothers. The fact that the ex-captives are giving birth is a sign that the released orangutans not only survive in the wild but are able to reproduce.

  • Importantly, we held a workshop on human-orangutan conflict mitigation, where 21 oil palm companies committed to a communication forum and signed up to protect orangutans in concession areas. It is positive that oil palm companies have held their own workshops and that the Foundation was asked to give several presentations.

  • Continuing conservation through community education and outreach with our partner Yayorin.

  • Recent research conducting from Pondok Ambung included a survey of fish biodiversity in the Sekonyer River, mating habits of the proboscis monkeys, butterfly biodiversity.

  • Ongoing protection of Tanjung Puting National Park and the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve through the manning of six guard posts.

After six months working with us, our new Project and Development Coordinator quotes her impression of the Foundation ...

"After many years of the Foundation working from the UK and in Borneo, the team show continuous, determined commitment to make a difference to each orangutan, whilst looking and working towards a forest-safe future."


None of this could have happened without your continued support, for which we are grateful.


Orangutan eating termites for a vital source of protein. Photo by Bain.


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