Capacity Building & Sustainable Livelihoods

Capacity Building & Sustainable Livelihoods

The Orangutan Foundation proactively helps to develop the capacity of Indonesians to play a greater role in conservation. The provision of technical and administrative support to local stakeholders over the long-term is a priority.

The Orangutan Foundation works closely with Yayorin (Indonesian Orangutan Foundation), a local Indonesian foundation based in Pangkalan Bun. Yayorin has been carrying out conservation, education and research in Central Kalimantan for more than 20 years and they specialize in delivering educational and sustainable livelihood projects. They strive to push the message that the key to preserving forests and orangutans is in the hands of local communities and with increasing demand for land and natural resources it is crucial to address these issues.

Kampung Konservasi, (Indonesian for Conservation Village) is an environmental centre, established by Yayorin, with financial support from the Orangutan Foundation. The centre not only offers educational activities (link to education page) but also specializes in demonstration plots that teach sustainable agriculture and fish farming.

A sister project to Kampung Konservasi is a Sustainable Agricultural Demonstration Centre at the village of Sungai Sintuk. Students and farmers visit the centre and are taught techniques such as agro-forestry. However, it takes time to change behaviours and attitudes but gradually the techniques learnt at the centre are being shared and replicated elsewhere.

A joint four-year project, Preservation of Forest Resources and Improved Livelihoods of Forest Peoples through Conservation of Great Apes as Flagship Species, which was funded by the EU, through UNEP-GRASP, focused on Belantikan Hulu, Tanjung Puting National Park and Sebangau National Park. Local communities were introduced to sustainable livelihood options such a rattan harvesting, honey production and agro-forestry. Through a five-year EC-funded grant, Promoting the conservation and sustainable management of the lowland forests of south Central Kalimantan, farmers from local villages were introduced to composting and sustainable farming techniques.

The overall aim, of the above projects, is to encourage sustainable practices and livelihoods that generate an income without destroying the forests. Sustainable agriculture can improve the socio-economic conditions of communities and if better yields are produced, on the same piece of land then the demands of local farmers to use slash and burn will decline thus preventing forest loss.

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