Education & Awareness

Education & Awareness

The Orangutan Foundation believes that conservation and wildlife education should be introduced as early as possible to the general public, formally and informally. We want to encourage children to have a greater interest in the natural world and help them to understand the importance of looking after it.

In the UK we have established an Education Programme that involves talks, competitions and much more. Visit our UK Education page for more information on how to get involved.

In Indonesia the Orangutan Foundation works with Yayorin (Indonesian Orangutan Foundation), a local Indonesian foundation based in Pangkalan Bun. Yayorin has been carrying out conservation, education and research in Central Kalimantan for more than 20 years. Yayorin share the vision that nature conservation benefits communities and that the promotion of this idea is reliant on an educational infrastructure at a local level.

Reading Books at Tempayung Primary School

Raising awareness of the full value of the forests to all sectors of society

Kampung Konservasi (Indonesian for Conservation Village) is an environmental education centre. It is a dynamic place offering a wide range of facilities including; extracurricular clubs, a library; small theatre for film shows; sheltered outdoor learning centre; various agricultural demonstration plots; aquaponic demonstration plot; fish ponds; a plant nursery and, medicinal garden.

The centre also has a mobile library bus, which visits remote, interior villages opening up education and making it more accessible to children, adults, schools and communities.

A Baca Kampung Konservasi-HINO Car


The project’s over all goal is to create greater awareness and a better understanding of the role of forest ecosystem and why they are vital to society. Many people know little about orangutans, where they are found, about their behaviour and they are afraid of them and consider them as pests.

Kampung Konservasi has two small guesthouses, for tourists, set in their beautiful grounds. For more information about the centre please contact us.


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Support the return of orangutans back on their slow journey back to the wild by adopting an orphan orangutan.

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