Habitat Protection & Reforestation

Habitat Protection & Reforestation

Keeping forests standing and orangutans in the wild

Habitat protection is a priority for the Orangutan Foundation: if the forests are not safe, neither are the orangutans.

As long as there are people who want to log, farm, mine or hunt inside protected areas a way has to be found to stop them. The use of guard posts and patrols to protect Tanjung Puting National Park and the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve has been extreme successful. Strategically located guard posts act as visible deterrents to to people entering the park illegally. They also act as bases from which routine patrols and fire-fighting teams can be launched.




Habitat protection in Tanjung Puting National Park

The Orangutan Foundation works in co-operation with the Tanjung Puting National Park Management to protect this critical forest ecosystem. It runs forest patrols and two guard posts, which are strategically located on rivers in the south of the Park. Virtually all illegal activities have been reduced in this area of the park.

Habitat protection in Lamandau Wildlife Reserve

In the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve the Orangutan Foundation run eight guard posts. All are constructed in areas of the Reserve that are particularly vulnerable to illegal mining, logging, hunting or encroachment.


At every level, forest fires are hugely destructive: they kill wildlife, destroy swamps and rainforests – possibly forever – and are a globally significant source of greenhouse gases. For all those reasons, the Foundation supports the training, equipping and deployment of fire-fighting teams in areas of critical orangutan habitat.

Please contact the Orangutan Foundation for information about sponsoring one of our essential guard posts.


Restoring a forest

The Lamandau Wildlife Reserve was formed from two old logging concessions. The area was then subject to illegal logging, but today, thanks to a sustained effort and investment by the Foundation, the forest is coming back – and with the forests, so too are all the species which make up the natural ecosystem.


With donor support the Orangutan Foundation has rehabilitated over 150 hectares of degraded former forestland. The Foundation continues this work to ensure that the orangutan population and other wildlife have a rich and sustaining habitat.


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