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OUR MISSION : Saving orangutans by protecting their tropical forest habitat, working with local communities and promoting research and education.

OUR APPROACH : Our approach goes beyond that of purely protecting orangutans. It recognizes that orangutans are essential to their habitat, which is unique in its rich biodiversity and is crucial for local communities, who are as dependent on the forest as the orangutans.


Orange for Orangutan Day 2012

Wednesday 14th November 2012

Orangutan Awareness Week takes place every November to draw attention to the challenges faced by wild orangutans and their rainforest home and to highlight how ordinary people can help both, including by fund-raising. To encourage the widest possible UK participation, the Orangutan Foundation names one day of each Orangutan Awareness Week as Orange For Orangutan Day© – a time when groups and individuals can demonstrate how much they care, by adding orange zest to everyday life.

For 2012, Awareness Week takes place from Monday 12th November to Sunday 18th November. Orange For Orangutan Day© is Wednesday 14th November and we’d greatly value your involvement in it.

This year, dedicated supporters The Body Shop Foundation have very kindly donated three large 'orange' hampers worth over £100 each for the winners of 'Most Fundraised Income,' 'Most Inventive Use Of Orange' and 'Most PR Generated' - a great incentive to get involved!

This page outlines how you can join in, get others to follow your lead, raise vital funds and have some fun at the same time.

The money raised will go towards the Orangutan Habitat Protection Appeal.

Donations can be made at any time via our Just Giving website page (click to donate online) or by sending a cheque (made payable to Orangutan Foundation):-

Orangutan Foundation
7 Kent Terrace

Alternatively you can donate via our website.


What’s the aim of Orange For Orangutan Day©?

There are two main purposes to the day. First, it seeks to raise awareness about the threats to orang-utans and how they can be helped. See our downloads section to make sure you’re fully in the picture. Second, it’s a chance to raise money to support orang-utan conservation and protection - in a zesty, orange, fun way.

What do I do to take part?

Anything you like - so long as it’s legal, safe and, preferably, has a money-making angle! It’s entirely up to you whether you choose a simple idea that’s just for you and your circle, or opt for one that’s more elaborate, involves lots of people &/or appeals to your local media. Various tried-and-tested suggestions appear below (see THE IDEAS BANK) but you’re equally welcome to devise your own. All we ask is that you send any proceeds to Orangutan Foundation as outlined above.

What support will Orangutan Foundation give me?

Lots! If you need permission or outside help with your plan, or are asked to confirm that you are fund-raising for a genuine charity, we can provide you with an official letter. We can also send you posters to help you to publicise what you are doing, or the Orange For Orangutan Day© graphic if you prefer to produce your own posters/leaflets or want to issue invitations. Branded collecting tins can be supplied on request. You can download a sponsorship form from the website. And if you give us enough notice, we may be able to publicise your event via our website, e-bulletins or newsletter. See the Downloads section for some of these documents.

How do I get others to help or support me?

Just ask! It’s a good idea to start by explaining what you’re planning to family and friends, then – after getting their donations or pledges of support, of course - asking them to help you to spread the word – for instance, by putting up posters for you; suggesting other publicity methods and points; sending ‘pass it on’ messages to their friends/relatives; encouraging contacts to join the Orange For Orangutan Day© event via our Orangutan Foundation Facebook page. Places which are usually willing to display flyers or posters include:

• Local shops, pubs, cafes, hair & beauty salons, newsagents
• Libraries and council information centres
• Schools and colleges
• Workplaces

Lots of businesses and voluntary organisations also produce e-bulletins and may be willing to publicise your event if it’s local, they know you or your family, or they have an interest in good causes or the environment. For instance, try:

• Local employers
• Community groups
• Environment/wildlife groups & attractions
• Places of worship

Depending on the nature of your event, your local newspaper or radio station may also be interested. See the ‘involving the media’ section below for tips on this.


What should I say to encourage donations?

For a detailed explanation of why it makes sense to help the Orangutan Foundation, see our document "Why Support the Orangutan Foundation".

What do I do with the money?

After your event, the best way to pay in what you have raised is via a credit or debit card donation to our Just Giving page. You can even post a message there, if you wish, explaining how or where the money was raised or thanking your helpers. Or you can send your donation to us directly, enclosing a cheque made payable to Orangutan Foundation. Our address is on the front page and in the footer.

How will I know my money has reached the Orangutan Foundation?

Just Giving donations generate an automatic receipt and you can post a message on the site which states your gift, for everyone to see. Donations over £25 paid direct to the Orangutan Foundation will be acknowledged in writing. For donations of £50 or more, we’ll be delighted to send you a personalised certificate upon request, for you to keep or display at the place where you raised the money.

What about involving the media?

Feel free! Even if you are only planning a modest event, it’s worth telling the local media two to three weeks in advance, via a news release or a Letter to the Editor as this may help you to attract wider support for your activity, or encourage others to get involved. It is also worth asking your local radio stations if they would like to interview you. Don’t forget to also inform local news websites (especially BBC Online) and other local publishers of ‘what’s on’ info. Be sure that any information you submit answers the five Ws – who, what, where, when and why – and includes the name and contact details of someone who will be able to help with any additional queries, such as ‘how’. We can easily provide background information about orangutan conservation.


Easy-peasy options

Shake a collecting tin under the noses of people you know or ask if you can put one on the front desk or counter of a local workplace or shop. We can supply branded cans, free of charge. All we ask is that you convert the contents into an online or cheque donation and return the empty containers to us by February 2013 (unless you want to carry on collecting throughout the year, of course!).

Find out how many people will pay you £1 or so apiece to deliver on a promise to, say, dye your hair or paint your face orange.

Promise to go into work or college sporting orange from head-to-toe and ask everyone to sponsor you by the hour.

Bake or buy a batch of cakes or biscuits to top with orange icing (&/or crystallised or marzipan orange slices) and sell to family, friends, classmates or work colleagues. Or add a healthy sparkle to break-times by making up jugs of orange-coloured fruit juices or smoothies to sell as an Orange For Orangutan Day© cocktail.

With prior permission where necessary, get everyone at your workplace, school, college or local pub, etc, to wear something orange for the day/night – clothes, hair dye, face paint, ribbons, jewellery – giving a donation of £1.

Use thin orange ribbon or strips of pre-loved orange fabric to make lapel badges or rosettes for sale.

Order our brilliant orangutan pin badges from our online shop or by phone (see below) and ask everyone you know to buy one. The badges cost £2.50 each and a donation is already included.

Moderate effort

Invite a bunch of people to enjoy an Orange For Orangutan Day© meal, featuring ‘shades of orange’ dishes and ask guests to pay to eat.

Persuade a local pub or restaurant to offer an orange-theme menu which includes a donation to the Orange For Orangutan Day© fund.

Can you think of somewhere to stage an Orange For Orangutan Day© quiz, or persuade a local pub into giving an orange theme to a quiz night it already hosts? We’ll even supply the questions (and answers) if you like. To order, contact Cat on 0207 7242912 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do any businesses in your neighbourhood have prominent but dull windows – a building society, perhaps, or insurance office? Would they like a livelier window display, using orangutan pictures or toys, orange ribbon and, perhaps, some creatively placed plants + jungle netting and a mutually suitable catchphrase – e.g. Save for the Future!

Or how about asking a local bookstore to set aside an area to promote books and DVDs related to orang-utans, rainforests, conservation etc, alongside Orange For Orangutan Day© publicity materials.

For the bold

If you are someone with time, energy, creativity and passion, you probably don’t need much help with dreaming up your own way to make a big orange splash. A sponsored sit in a bath of baked beans, perhaps? A rainforest ball? Putting an orange wig on famous statues? The ‘orangification’ of a noted landmark? An orange parade or bike ride? A mass gathering of orangutan mask wearers? Just be aware that we’ll be happy to help, if we can, and that we’d love to hear in advance about eye-catching or unusual ideas for our own Orange For Orangutan Day© media activity.


Badges and other merchandise: via our online shop or through the office. Posters, logo, News release template and sponsorship form can be downloaded from our website.

For personalised receipts: Contact the office.


It’s fine to ask friends, classmates, colleagues and relatives to put money into a collecting tin, or to rattle cans on private property (such as a supermarket forecourt) so long as you have prior permission, but a licence is needed for door-to-door collections or collections in public places. Official permits are also needed for street closures and the playing of live music out-of-doors, with both usually taking six weeks and more to obtain. For more info, contact your local council.

New rules on large public gatherings mean that it is worth checking with your local police before embarking on an activity which may affect the free flow of traffic or is likely to draw a big crowd to a busy place.

Please note if you are organising your own event you will be responsible for your own public liability insurance.


After you’ve counted up and paid in the money you have raised, please don’t forget to thank companies, venues or individuals who have been especially helpful to you, and notify the local media how much was raised.


You may find the following PDF documents useful:

a PDF version of the information on this page
an A4 Orange For Orangutan Day© poster
another A4 Orange For Orangutan Day© poster
another A4 Orange For Orangutan Day© poster
a sponsorship form (266Kb)

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