The orangutan’s future is seriously threatened by habitat loss. Hundreds of rescued orangutans have been released into the protected Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, giving these great apes a second chance in the wild.

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When an infant orphaned orangutan is rescued and is too young to be released back into the wild they enter the Orangutan Foundation's Soft-release Programme. This involves the young apes being taken out into the forest in the day by an Orangutan Foundation field assistant. 

This process allows the orangutans to learn about the surrounding forest where they will eventually be released. The Orangutan Foundation has a full-time vet and staff of thirty monitoring and protecting the orangutans.

Scientific research

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Orangutan Foundation supports Indonesian and international research students and runs Pondok Ambung Tropical Forest Research Station, in Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesian Borneo.

This national park facility has been developed and maintained by the Orangutan Foundation and provides excellent facilities to study the park’s diverse flora and fauna. Scientific research is vital to the conservation of globally important habitats.  

Orangutan Foundation have been awarding small research grants to individual students for twenty years, with a focus on supporting Indonesian students. Please download our Grant Guidelines and Application Form for further information.