Baby orangutan born

We are delighted to announce the arrival of another baby orangutan born into the protected Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, Indonesian Borneo.

Our staff believe the orangutan was born on 26th January. Mother, Holahonolulu (Hola for short) was seen with her new infant at Camp Gemini’s feeding site. We think the father is likely to be Bangkal, the dominant male, as they were seen mating on several occasions.

Bornean female orangutan, Hola, with newborn infant. © Orangutan Foundation

Mother orangutan Hola with newborn infant © Orangutan Foundation

Both Hola and her baby looked healthy. Hola ate a lot of fruit, the extra energy needed for milk production. As yet, our staff could not tell what sex the baby was.

Hola was born in the wild in December 2004 and her mother was Huber. Huber was rehabilitated by OFI and was released into the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve in December 1999, but she has since passed away.

Our staff have yet to name Hola’s new baby so we thought we would ask for your help.  Send us your suggestions (leave a comment), it must start with an H and be a unisex name. We will decide on Monday 5th February.

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3 thoughts on “Baby orangutan born

  1. Hi, Such wonderful news that Hola has had a baby! I would like to suggest the name of Harapan…..I believe it is the word HOPE in Indonesian. A baby Orangutan born in the wild at least gives us hope for their future.
    Thank you for all you do and keep up the excellent work. Wish I could be there in the jungle too! (I am one of those weird people that is not bothered by the heat, noise and humidity….I love it, it makes me feel alive! Maybe it’s the extra oxygen!
    Kind regards
    Amanda Pontet

  2. Congratulations on Hola’s new baby !!
    How about these names “Hoa” and “Hoaloha” ?
    They mean “Friend” in Hawaiian.

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