Adopt an orangutan today

Adopting an orangutan is a unique gift and a great way to show you care.



Okto is a seven-year-old male orangutan who has been in soft-release in the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve since October 2014. Okto was found near a town in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo by the local wildlife department and entrusted into the care of Orangutan Foundation.

Since his arrival he has learnt how to climb trees and which forest fruits to eat. Okto still needs to master his nest- making skills!



Mona is a three-year-old female orangutan who was rescued in March 2017. She was being kept in a cage as pet. We do not know what happened to her mother, but it was most likely she was killed.

Mona shares her home at Camp JL with male orangutan, Boy, and other females Nyunyu and Timtom, all a similar age. They often seen playing together, climbing, and swinging in the trees.

From just £30 a year you can make a real difference in helping these orangutans return to a life in the wild.

When you adopt an orangutan with the Orangutan Foundation, you will receive:

  • An adoption certificate with your name on it

  • An orangutan fact-sheet

  • An Orangutan Foundation sticker (postal adoptions only)

  • A soft-toy orangutan (postal adoptions only)

  • Updates on your adopted orangutan with the Orangutan Foundation newsletter

Please e-mail for any additional information.

All adoption money goes directly towards the care and protection of orangutans in the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.