Stephen’s Farewell Party

We held Stephen's farewell party on Saturday night, and various representatives from local NGOs and government stood up and described how much they enjoyed working with Stephen over the past years, and also what they've learnt from him. Stephen tried to hide a tear or two, but we noticed :) Stephen proudly displaying a portrait drawn by Programme Coordinator, Pak Hudi

Stephen proudly displaying a portrait drawn by our new Programme Coordinator, Pak Hudi

Yayorin’s gift to Stephen

Stephen's gift from Yayorin

Stephen with Pak Ade

Stephen and Pak Ade, former Head of Section II, Conservation & Natural Resources Agency. Pak Ade took a break from his Ph.D studies, and flew from Bogor, Java to attend Stephen's farewell party!

Ully, June and Yarrow

Ms Ully (Office Manager), June Rubis (Programme Manager), Yarrow Robertson (Director of Indonesia Programme)

Stephen with his leaving book

Stephen reading his gift from us all, his leaving book

Ully, Astri, Stephen and Yarrow

Ully, Astri, Stephen and Yarrow

Pak Teguh’s own surprise gift

Pak Teguh (Guard Posts Supervisor) surprised us all with his own unique gift for Stephen.

Stephen’s party

Final farewells

Everybody wanted to shake Stephen's hand one last time!

Farewell party group shot

Your questions about Lamandau and its orangutans

Many thanks for your excellent questions and comments. Here's the answers to some of your questions. Sheryl you asked about illegal burning - most of the illegal burning occurs at the southwestern side of Lamandau where it is prone to fires (vandals tend to set fires as to encourage new grass to flourish, and thus attract deer). Fire-fighting is one of our more important operations in Lamandau that we take seriously, and all our guardposts are equipped with fire-fighting equipment.

Maina you asked how many orangutans are in Lamandau. Since 1998, 160 orangutans have been released in Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. As well, it is estimated there are a few hundred wild orangutans found in the Reserve.

Hope to post some photos from Stephen's farewell party tomorrow.



Thank you Stephen and Farewell!

Tal B and Brigitta thank you very for your monthly donations and thank you Anne K for your donation of $100. It was Stephen's leaving do (My Fun In The Forest Is Drawing To An End) on Saturday night - we await the photos! Meanwhile here's a selection of photos of Stephen at 'work'.

Wishing you all the best for the future Stephen,

Orangutan Foundation - UK office

Orangutan release


Another hard day at the office

Stephen skydive

Not sure if this is taken before of after Stephen's skydive in an orangutan suit - after I think!

Stephen and Mr Hudi

Stephen and Mr Hudi

sneaky snacks

Kusasi operation 2

Operation on the adult male orangutan Kusasi

Stephen Brend with Zidane

Stephen and Zidane

Stephen up the radiomast

Stephen climbing up a radio mast

Stephen Brend

Stephen and rehabilitated orangutan

You'll be missed!