Change a habit - save a habitat!

We are asking our supporters to make a positive start to 2010, and make their New Year’s resolutions really count by taking part in ‘Change a habit – save a habitat’. An idea which will benefit both you and us….and in theory it costs you nothing! Here's how it works: you choose a habit and change it (reduce it or stop it) and donate the savings made by doing this to the Orangutan Foundation.

Examples: Cut down on take away coffees – saving £2 per week = £8 a month Cut out a bottle of wine per week – saving £5 per week = £20 a month Stop smoking - one packet of cigarettes - saving £6 per week = £24 a month Reduce sweeties/chocolate – saving £1 per week = £4 a month Change your transport (walk it, cycle it) – saving £3 per week = £12 a month Take a packed lunch – saving £10 per week = £40 a month

Select an amount from the examples above or decide on your own monthly target.Contact the Orangutan Foundation to make your donation or donate through this blog and leave a comment telling us what habit you are going to try and change.

 Your donation will go towards our vital work protecting critical orangutan habitat.

Good luck and thank you,

Cathy - Orangutan Foundation (UK office)