Supermarket Sweep!

Last Saturday afternoon, the foyer of a Brighton-based branch of Sainsbury's supermarket played host to my first awareness & fundraiser day for the Orangutan Foundation. Myself (a past field volunteer and now intern for the Foundation), Dan (a past field volunteer and subsequently Co-ordinator for the 2008 Volunteer Programme) and my two very kind and willing friends Grace and Vikki, set up stall and spent the day taking turns donning Nick, the Foundation's orangutan suit. Volunteers & Nick the orangutan

Sam is on the left and Dan on the right.

UK volunteers

Sainsburys very kindly let us into the store to wander the aisles and drum up a bit of a buzz... and that we did to everyones amusement.

Nick buying bananas

Nick buying bananas

Bar the few terrified children and check-out girl who I made scream, fun was had by all and we raised just shy of £250 and hundreds of our leaflets were taken by interested shoppers. The day, whilst a trial run, was very succesful. If any one is interested in helping out on future fun days like this, or would like to set up their own, then don't hesitate to contact us on