Male Bornean Orangutan Rescued

Orangutan Awareness and Orangutan Freedom On Wednesday 11 November 2009, the rescue team from Section II Natural Resources Conservation Agency of Central Kalimantan and Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine (OCCQ-OFI) rescued one big male orangutan from Tanjung Putri, a local village. The orangutan was 183 cms tall, weighed approx 80 kg and was about 20 years old.  Mr. Eko Novi (The head of section II of the  Natural Resources Conservation Agency of Central Kalimantan) gave him the name “Jejawi”.

 translocation male Bornean orangutan

Jejawi being transferred to the speedboat

Translocation Bornean male orangutan

Orangutan is transferred by speedboat.

 Translocation male Bornean orangutan

 translocation male Bornean orangutan

 translocation male Bornean orangutan

Mr. Eko Novi coordinated with Tigor, the Reintroduction Manager of Orangutan Foundation, for the translocation process. After medical observation by Dr Popo (OCCQ-OFI Vet) and Dr Fiqri (Lamandau Vet of Orangutan Foundation), on Friday 13th , Jejawi (the orangutan) was successfully translocated to the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, the same place where Bruno, the sun bear, was released.

Translocation of male Bornean orangutan

Mr. Eko Novi said this is a good moment to participate in Pekan Peduli Orangutan (Orangutan Awareness Week) with real action to help the orangutan to get a new life in safe habitat.  

Translocation male Bornean orangutan

When the door of the transporter cage was opened, Jejawi immediately move out from the cage, he looked around for a second and then with fantastic speed, moved and reached the branch, he climbed the trees, and then moved to other trees, climbing until reaching the canopy.  We hope Jejawi is now free for a better and safer life in the Lamandau reserve.

Translocation male Bornean orangutan

 Translocation male Bornean orangutan

 Translocation male Bornean orangutan

Back in the trees, hard to see - as orangutans should be! 

The Orangutan translocation story was already published in Metro TV (the Indonesian television station) for News Program, and published in Borneo News (Central Kalimantan news paper) to encourage orangutan conservation awareness.

Thank you,

Hudi WD

Programme Coordinator

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Orangutan Adoption Diary - Brian and Rosa’s growing bond

The adoption of infant orangutan Brian by female orangutan Rosa is progressing well - they are much closer and there is more playing and jesting. Brian's holding Rosa hand more frequently and even hugging Rosa.  Bornean orangutans Brain and Rosa

Brian and Rosa - © Orangutan Foundation

When tired of playing and jesting, Brian climbs and hangs about the cage, and Rosa jiggles the cage or lies about.

Bornean orangutans

Brian and Rosa - interacting. © Orangutan Foundation

After Brian's contented with playing and hanging he moves close to Rosa, strokes her, then pulls Rosa's hair until it hurts her and she responsds by pulling Brian's hand, slowly and carefully. Brian then bites Rosa's hand, after which he runs and climbs over to the opposite corner. Brian repeats the same behaviour several times. It seems as though Brian is using this to make closer with his “new Mom”.

Brian and Rosa -Bornean orangutans

 Brian heckling Rosa © Orangutan Foundation

Brian has adapted to his new environment and situation. He knows when it's feeding time and the Camp staff start preparing fruit and milk.

Brian and Rosa - Bornean orangutans

Feeding time © Orangutan Foundation

When Rosa and Brian are given fruit, Brian always heckles Rosa and takes her fruit. Rosa is wise and very patient and shares the fruit with Brian.

Brian and Rosa -Bornean orangutans

Brian and Rosa -sharing fruit. © Orangutan Foundation

They seem to have developed a very strong bond and we are planning on letting Brian and Rosa out of their cage this week.

Thank you,

Dr Fiqri (Vet of Lamandau Orangutan Release Programme).

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