Enclosure repaired but more work needed

Once again, thank you very much to everyone who donated to our request for funds to repair the orangutan enclosures at the Orangutan Care Centre & Quarantine. I was there today and can happily report the first round of repairs has been completed and the escapees are now back in their secure enclosure. Repaired cage

The repaired cage is the one in the middle.

Repaired cage -occupants

And these are the occupants.

Repaired cage -occupant

This photo was taken one second before he made a grab for the camera!

Unfortunately, there is still more to be done. Montana’s cage is getting thin and the youngsters on the other tower keep trying to pop out. May I ask again for your support? We guarantee all money raised will be spent on fixing the enclosures.

Cage in need of repair

The youngster's enclosure - rusting bars.

Upside down!

It is strange to have an orangutan hanging upside down looking directly at you!

Montana May08

Montana’s cage (above and below)

Montana May08 -how long will these bars hold?

How long will these bars hold?

And a final photo included for no other reason than I thought this orangutan simply had the sweetest face. Your thoughts?