Orangutan driving a message home in London

Stephen is out in the field all week and so won't have any internet access. Hopefully we'll hear from him when he gets back. We thought we'd show some photos from last week. Helen, who volunteers one day a week in the UK office, has written a short piece about driving an orangutan around London (don't worry it wasn't real!) on Orange Day. Over to Helen.... Helen & Ou in Gwiz

"One of last week's Orangutan Awareness events involved the London office borrowing a G-Wiz (electric car) in order to highlight the effect deforestation and carbon emissions have on the plight of the orangutan. I was happy to offer to drive the car around for the day with the company of my very own orangutan!! I drove around central london and tried to stick to the roads where there would be the most pedestrians so that as many people as possible might spot the car.

Helen & Ou in Gwiz

As it was 'Orange for Orangutans" day I wore an orange t-shirt and one of the bright orange hats that Ashley's mum knitted for us. I think the hat helped alot as people would spot the bright orange out of the corner of their eye then notice that not only was I driving a g-wiz emblazoned with stickers but that I had an orangutan sitting in the passenger seat.

Gwiz orangutans

Close up orangutan

I had a very amusing time especially whilst driving up Constitution Hill. I had timed my drive so it was just after the changing of the guards when there tends to be more people outside the palace. Whilst we were waiting for the guards to trot up the hill and back to their stables a gentleman in the taxi in front noticed the orangutan. He pointed it out to his friends in the taxi and they all had a good look and a giggle! I also had lots of waves from people on buses whilst stuck in traffic. Hopefully lots of people noticed us and read the stickers and were persuaded to join the Foundation."

Gwiz orangutans

Thank you Helen for being such a sport and thank you Gwiz for the use of the car.