The Rainforest Education Pack

Linda you recently asked about activities to educate zoo visitors about orangutans. I would like to recommend the Orangutan Foundation's Rainforest Education Pack which focuses on orangutans. Although it is aimed at primary school level it has many activities (e.g. nest building, masks, quiz) which could be used or adapted for use in zoos. Matthew K and Brigitta S. thank you for your monthly donations your regular support is extremely important to us.

A quick reminder that the Big Give are still doubling every pound donated to Orangutan Foundation through their matched funding page on their charity website. There has been an outstanding response so far with over £14,000 having been donated. When doubled, this amounts to £28,000! We are hugely grateful to everyone who has taken advantage of this scheme.

As always thanks for your support and interest,

Cathy - Orangutan Foundation