Ambassadors For Orangutans

Part of the Orangutan Foundation's Education Programme in the UK involves us giving regular talks to schools, universities and social groups. As we are a small but very busy team it was decided to set up a network of local "ambassadors" who would be willing to speak about orangutans and our work on our behalf. Well, we were overwhelmed by the response that we received. 15 Orangutan Foundation members, from all over the country came to our London office on Saturday.

Briefing Day at OF office

Everybody was extremely knowledgeable about orangutans, the current situation and our work, with most people having visited where we work in Borneo either through a Discovery Initiatives Study Tour or the Volunteer Programme.

Orangutan Foundation Display

We spent the whole day arming our orangutan "ambassadors" with information, PowerPoint presentations and lots of other helpful materials.

Ambassador Day at Orangutan Foundation UK office

This blog is also an enormous help and useful resource for keeping people up to date. Six other people have also confirmed they want to be ambassadors but they couldn't make it to the briefing day, so in total we have 21 Orangutan Foundation Ambassadors!

It was a truly inspirational day for us at the office and we would like to thank everyone who came on Saturday.

Lisa B thank you very much for your recent donation ($50 to us and $20 to Wildlife Direct) it is much appreciated.