Lamandau and Flat-headed Cat Photographed in Danum, Borneo

Chris and Maina in answer to your question about Lamandau's carry capacity. Surveys took place in 1997/8, when Lamandau was gazetted, revealing an insignificant wild orangutan population. The Lamandau camp managers have always kept a record of every orangutan sighted and based on what we know we believe Lamandau has the capacity to take at least another 100 released orangutans. This may be of interest to some readers. The Bornean Wild Cat and Clouded Leopard Project blogged yesterday that they have obtained their first photograph of a flat-headed cat.

'This is the first time this species has been photographed within the Ulu Segama Forest Reserve and this record means that the Ulu Segama is the first known forest on Borneo where there is definitive evidence of the existence of the entire 5-species Bornean felid guild.'

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