Newborn Orangutan - Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve

July is a month which makes those of us working in Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve happy because one orangutan has been born. Dedek, gave birth to a son and this is her second son after Delon. Based on information from staff in Camp JL, Dedek gave birth on July 10, 2009. Camp JL staff first saw Dedek, with her son, under the feeding platform around 3pm. Dedek and infant July 2009

Dedek and her newborn son born on July 10th 2009. Photo:Orangutan Foundation

Dedek's son looks well. We estimated that Dedek gave birth during the day because in the morning Dedek still came to feeding platform.

Dedek’s newborn son

Newborn male orangutan.  Photo: Orangutan Foundation

Before Dedek was pregnant and during pregnancy she always played with Jalas, dominant male orangutan in JL Camp. Dedek never plays with other males only Jalas. Other male orangutans are afraid of Jalas. So we predict that Dedek’s son is Jalas’s son. Dedek and her son are well . Dedek was released in October 2002 at Camp JL. Camp staff have not decided on a name yet but it is likely to be Indonesian and staring with "D"!

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