Orangutan photos and thanks for the digital cameras!

Huge thanks to Rachel and Kees for donating and personally delivering two digital cameras and err...some fudge (very tasty!). The cameras are now being used in Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve by Dr Fikri, our vet and Mr Tigor, Manager of Orangutan Re-introduction Programme (see photos below of orangutan Lady Di and her infant). Donation of digital camera From left to right: Dr Fiqri (vet), Rees, Pak Uduk (helps to manage the orangutan release camps) and Rachel.  

Bornean female orangutan -Lady DiBornean female orangutan, Lady Di with bandaged arm.

Bornean Female orangutan with infant - on the mendA mother's love - Lady Di and her infant

Bornean female orangutan -just having had her bandaged removedLady Di with bandage removed from her arm -now fully recovered and roaming free



 p/s  lighting actually struck the office the other day, luckily we had our plugs pulled at that time. Terrible rainstorm which means less computer productivity but on the bright side it lessens the risk of forest fires.