A Wild Life!

Ashley Leiman, the Orangutan Foundation Director, Brian Matthews (wildlife photographers) and Eko Novi from the Central Kalimantan Agency for Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA Kalimantan Tengah) were all present for the release of a Malaysian sun bear and a young orangutan into the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve at the end of August 2009. sunbear release

Ashley Leiman and Eko Novi (BSKDA) pull the rope for Bruno's cage door. Orangutan Foundation©

The sun bear was named “Bruno” and he had been confiscated by BKSDA from a police offical. After the cage was opened Bruno left cautiously.

Sun bear by cage

 Bruno out of his cage. Orangutan Foundation©

He started clawing at a dead log but then suddenly he charged at the onlookers.  Ashley ran staright into the river. Brian Matthews slid down the river bank (equipment and all) and everyone else jumped into the nearest boat! After a few hours though Bruno had disappeared into the forest. Wild once again.

Brian Orangutan

Orangutan Foundation© 

Young orangutan Brian (named after the photographer) had been confiscated from a oil palm plantation. 

 Tigor with orangutan Brian

 Tigor Nainggolan, Lamandau Orangutan Reintroduction Programme Manager, with orangutan Brian.Orangutan Foundation©

At Camp Gemini, Brian was introduced to female orangutan Rosa in hope she would adopt him. Rosa immediately took to Brian, but Brian was a little bit nervous with the whole process.

The latest information from Dr. Fiqri (the vet of Lamandau Orangutan Reintroduction Programme) is that Brian and Rosa were moved by Dr Fiqri and camp staff to Camp Siswoyo for monitoring during the adoption process. Brian has now adapted to his new environment, climbing trees and playing with other orangutans, whilst all the time being watched and followed by Rosa.

Ashley in Lamandau reserve

Ashley Leiman enjoying the beautiful forests at Camp Gemini in Lamandau reserve. Orangutan Foundation© 

Ashley Leiman was very appreciative of the work of the Central Kalimantan Agency for Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA Kalimantan Tengah), and we hope that more orangutans and other wild animals, ex-captive and translocated, can be release in the reserve in the future. Orangutan Foundation already has six release camps operated by 35 Orangutan Foundation Staff.

We will keep you updated about Brian and Rosa. Thank you Matthew K, Brigitta S and Tal B for your ongoing support of our work. 


Hudi Dewe - Programme Coordinator