Orangutan Adoption Diary -Brian’s future is looking Rosy

Brian Diary, October 27th 2009 by Hudi WD I am pleased to tell you that the adoption process between the female Bornean orangutan, Rosa and the infant orangutan, Brian is going very well.

 Orangutan Adoption - Rosa and Brian

Brian was confiscated from an oil palm plantation and was taken to the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve where he was introduced to adult female orangutan Rosa (see post A Wild Life). Rosa immediately took to Brian, but Brian was a little bit nervous with the whole process.

Now Brian is looking healthy, really cool and smart! He is very active to move and play inside the adoption cage (Rosa and Brian are in cage just temporarily to help the adoption process).

 Orangutans Adoption -Rosa and Brian

Some times Brian is swinging in the cage and sometimes he reaches to Rosa if he needs attention from her.

 orangutan adoption 2 - Rosa and Brian

Tigor (the Lamandau Orangutan Reintroduction Manager) said Brian has the real “wild instinct” and he will grow to be a leader. Brian has started to become closer to Rosa and this was shown when Utang (staff from Camp Siswoyo) tried to hold Rosa's hand, Brian moved and tried to pull Rosa's hand away. 

Orangutan adoption - Rosa and Brian

He has also started to imitate Rosa's behaviour. He is very smart and really funny when he moved and copied just like Rosa did.

orangutan adoption - Rosa and Brian interaction 

Dr Fiqri (the Lamandau Orangutan Reintroduction Vet) said the adoption process was in good progress and in approximately 10 to 15 days he hopes Rosa and Brian will be returned to Camp Gemini and living free out of the cage, we hope it will be done as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Hudi WD

Programme Co-ordinator -Orangutan Foundation