Orangutan Adoption Diary - Brian and Rosa

The help required for the adoption process for Brian is now focussed on behaviour. The camp staff tried heckling Brian and with this method we saw how much closer the relationship between Brian and Rosa grew.   Brian and Rosa - orangutan adoption

Brian moved to the other side or ran to Rosa. It also showed Rosa's positive response.

 Brian and Rosa -orangutan adoption

The camp staff observed Brian running to Rosa and holding her. Rosa gave the same response and reached and held Brian with affection. Another time, the camp staff changed their method and heckled Rosa by holding her hands.  Brian tried to reach the camp staff's hand to bite it. 

The result of the treatment shows good progress behaviours for Brian and Rosa in the adoption process, they are already close to each other and also watch out for each other. We hope they will be finally set free this week. 

Thank you,

Dr Fiqri (Orangutan Foundation Vet)