Orangutan Adoption Diary - Rosa and Brian free at last!

I am very happy to tell you that based on a joint decision between Dr Fiqri (our vet), Pak Tigor  (Lamandau Orangutan Reintroduction Manager) and Pak Eko Novi, the head of section II of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency of Central Kalimantan, infant orangutan Brian and adult female orangutan, Rosa were finally released from their cage out into the forest in Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, on the 4th December. Orangutan Brian with his new mother, Rosa

Female Bornean orangutan Rosa and her adopted son, Brian @Orangutan Foundation.

At the direction of Pak Tigor, the staff of Camp Siswoyo started to open the cage.  Brian and Rosa looked impatient as they waited for the cage door to be opened - Brian was very interested in what was happening outside of the cage. 

Orangutan Brian awaiting release in Lamandau reserve


Rosa and Brian await, impatiently, for the cage door to be opened @Orangutan Foundation.

Rudi, the staff vice coordinator of Camp Siswoyo, opened the door and Rosa and Brian were carried on the back by Winto, staff member of Camp Siswoyo. Brian was frozen onto the back of Rosa, though he didn't seem scared just wondering about the situation. Brian some times smiled and watched the people around him.

Infant orangutan Brian watching from inside the cage

Door being opened by Rudi and Winto is carrying Rosa and Brian @Orangutan Foundation.

Brian and Rosa were taken to a watch tower, approximate 1.5 km from Camp siswoyo.  Orangutan Brian and Rosa - leaving the cage behind 

Utang, staff from Camp Gemini, took over the carrying from Winto - orangutans can be heavy! @Orangutan FoundationOrangutans with coconuts

Rosa being encourage to move along @Orangutan Foundation.

Utang then put Rosa down to walk but she didn’t want to. Tigor and the Camp staff eventually tried wooing Rosa and Brian with coconuts on the hand-cart, Rosa moved on the hand-cart to take the coconuts, and Tigor pushed the cart. After they arrived at the watchtower Rosa moved towards the coconuts and pineapples. Brian watched and then he followed to eat the coconuts.

Orangutans Brian and Rosa -on their way to the final release

Rosa and Brian enjoying their feast of coconuts @Orangutan Foundation.

Another female orangutan, Queen and her baby Query, appeared and watched from a nearby tree but then started to climb down the tower.  Brian saw Queen and Query and went towards the tower and climbed on to the base.

Orangutan Queen and her infant watching Rosa and Brian

Orangutan Queen and her baby Query @Orangutan Foundation

  Orangutan Brian climbing

Brian climbs onto the tower to look at Queen and Query @Orangutan Foundation.

Rosa looked worried and followed Brian and removed him from the tower, away from Queen. Tigor and other Camp Gemini staff watched Queen and tried to chase her away from Rosa and Brian.  Orangutan Rosa keeping an eye on Brian 

Rosa retreiving Brian from the tower @Orangutan Foundation

After Queen moved off Rosa started to walk holding Brian. Rosa walked for 15 minute and then stopped at a tree with a broken branch. She climbed the tree and Brian climbed too, he seemed very happy to find the broken branch. He swayed his body and climbed the tree - he was very smart and seem to enjoy himself. 

Reintroduction Camp staff watching Rosa and Brian

Camp Gemini staff watching Rosa and Brian @Orangutan Foundation.

Finally we had to wrench ourselves away from Rosa and Brian and leave them inside the forest. 2 Siswoyo Camp staff, Rudi and Winto, followed them for 4 days and made sure everything was well for Brian and Rosa.  

Brian climbing

Brian and Rosa clmbing up into the trees @Orangutan Foundation.

Orangutan Brian climbing 

Brian having fun exploring the forest @Orangutan Foundation 

We wish you all the best Brian and Rosa - congratulations on being together, back in the wild and free!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our 'Protect Me and My Tree Appeal' - please help us to keep these orangutans in the wild.

Thank you,

Hudi Dewe -Programme Co-ordinator

Many thanks to:· BKSDA Kalimantan Tengah (the Natural Resources Conservation Agency of Central Kalimantan)· Mr. Eko Novi Setiawan the head of section II of the  Natural Resources Conservation Agency of Central Kalimantan (Kepala BKSDA SKW II Kalimantan Tengah),· Ibu Ashley Leiman OBE the Director of Orangutan Foundation UK,· Brian W. Matthews the Wildlife Photographer · Tigor Nainggolan the Lamandau orangutan Reintroduction Manager of Orangutan Foundation UK· Fiqri the Lamandau orangutan reintroduction Vet of Orangutan Foundation-UK· Uduk the Lamandau orangutan reintroduction Camp Coordinator of Orangutan Foundation-UK· Yatno for the Kijang pickup· Uli for the speed boat