Meet Eko, our elephant!

The Orangutan Foundation is excited to be taking part in Elephant Parade London 2010, in conjunction with the charity, elephant family. The event is billed as London's largest public art exhibition and aims to raise over £1 million for conservation projects in Asia.  Below are some photos of our adopted elephant, whom we have called Eko. He has been beautifully designed and painted by artist Paul Kidby. Le Pain Quotidien have generously agreed to be our sponsors enabling us to participate.

The photos show you Eko's transformation over the past months (all photos by Paul Kidby).

Eko arrives at Paul’s house

Paul takes delivery of Eko (2 Nov 2009) and he takes over their dining room!

Painting Eko

Eko turns blue!

Eko painted blue

Eko with Paul’s dog

Eko makes a new friend!

Painting Eko

Intricate detail

upclose detail of Eko

Painting Eko

Paul applying the undercoat for the gold paint.

Eko finished

Eko has gold paint and it has taken Paul many coats and much time to get the desired effect!

Eko leaving paul’s house

Eko leaving Paul's house (23 Dec 2009).

Eko transferred to lorry

Eko being transferred onto a lorry to be taken away.

Eko on lorry -see you in May

On the lorry and ready to go - Paul and his family said they'll really miss Eko!

A huge thank you to Paul and Vanessa Kidby for their time, energy and fantastic work - we are absolutely delighted with Eko!