Curious orangutan

Pak Jakir, our Patrol Manager, was on a patrol recently and came across an orangutan hanging about near Pos Seberang Gajah, in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve . Jakir managed to take some fantastic photos and so we thought we'd share them with you.
Photo © Orangutan Foundation
Photo  © Orangutan Foundation
Photo © Orangutan Foundation
This guard post was established in 2008 to counterattack illegal logging in the eastern part of the reserve. The presence of orangutans is a good sign that the habitat is not being disturbed as it was in the past. It is most likely a rehabilitated orangutan, rather than a wild orangutan but nevertheless, if the habitat was still being continually disturbed, it is unlikely that we would see any orangutans.
Orangutan walking upright through the swamp forest - photo  © Orangutan Foundation
We also have news of another female orangutan, in the Lamandau River reserve, who has adopted an orphaned infant orangutan - news and photos to follow soon!
June  Rubis
Programmes Manager