Images of the orangutans return to Borneo

Here are a few photos of Kevin and Bobby, the two Bornean orangutans who are now back in Borneo  after being returned from Sumatra.The internet connection in Pangkalan Bun, Borneo has been very poor and unreliable -Pak  Tigor, the OrangutanReintroduction Manager managed to send these through.  Kevin and Bobby arrive at P. Bun

Coming off the aeroplane

Kevin and Bobby come off the plane into Pangkalan Bun, after a change over in Jakarta.

Kevin and Bobby in the airport shed

Cargo crates in the airport shed before being taken by pick up truck to the local givernment facility. Not that you can see them very well but both orangutans were unfazed by their journey.

Hopefully there will be more to follow of their final journey into the swamp forest of Borneo over the next few days. Thank you Pak Tigor for your persistence and patience in sending them through!

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