Infant orangutan rescued

Dr Fikri, our vet sent through this report about the rescue of an infant orangutan. At the end of July our Reintroduction Team received a called from Pak Anton, the head of the Agency for Conservation of Natural Resources, BKSDA SKW II. He had received a request from a large oil palm concession in Central Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) about some orangutans isolated on the plantation, which will need to be trans-located.

Based on this, a team from the Orangutan Foundation and BKSDA planned to visit the plantation which is owned by Borneo Citra Indah.

Infant orphaned orangutan at an oil palm plantation

Before leaving for the plantation, a ranger from Tanjung Puting National Park informed us about an infant orangutan, approximately one year old, on the plantation but in a different area.  According to the plantation staff, who had been caring for the orangutan for two days, it came from villagers living around the plantation. Apparently they found it without its mother.

Little orangutan Steph in the crate at the oil palm plantation mess

BKSDA's pick-up driving through the plantation

After health checks at the local BKSDA facility it was decided the infant orangutan should be taken to the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve.

Steph in boat with Dr Fikri, Orangutan Foundation vet

In speedboat with Dr Fikri, Orangutan Foundation vet

Heading back into the forest - familiar sights, sounds and smells for Steph

The infant has been named Steph, after Steph Brown a long-term and commited supporter of the Orangutan Foundation. Little Steph will be cared for by our field staff at Camp Rasak. Considering Steph’s ordeal she is in good health.

Steph being offered milk at Camp Rasak

Her weight at the end of September was 4 kg, a 1kg gain in weight since she was first found.

Please help us to safeguard this important protected area, provide care for these orangutans and ensure a future in the wild for these endangered great apes.

Thank you,

Dr Fikri and the Orangutan Foundation team