In Memory of Pak Anton Wahyudi

This post is dedicated to Pak Anton Wahyudi, who tragically died in a speedboat accident on Saturday , whilst carrying out his duties responding to reports of illegal logging inside Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve.  We thank you for your dedication in fighting for the conservation of Indonesia's forests and wildlife. A husband, father, friend and colleague - you will be greatly missed. Pak Anton and Ashley Leiman after the return of 2 Bornean orangutans from Sumatra.

Pak Anton Wahyudi and his family

Image from Forest Rangers Blog

Pak Anton Wahyudi, head of BKSDA SKW II, in December, delivering his speech at the closing ceremony of an EC funded grant

Pre-funeral ceremony at BKSDA office in Pangkalan Bun

The coffin of Pak Anton Wahyudi being transported to Yogjakarta, in Java.