Another orangutan rescued

Our Vet. Dr Fikri, sent through this post about an orangutan that was rescued by BKSDA SKW II (Natural Resource Agency) from the town of Sampit, Central Kalimantan. The orangutan was a male and is thought to be ± 5 years old. In respect to and in memory of the late Pak Anton, who died tragically in a speedboat accident , we decided to name the rescued orangutan Anton.

In the morning, the orangutan Anton was taken to the safety of the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve (Central Kalimantan, Borneo) by boat. Anton arrived at Camp JL was given rambutan fruit (a favourite), bananas and milk.  Once inside his temporary enclosure Anton was still visibly stressed – running and climbing about all over his cage. He didn’t take the fruit or milk.  By the afternoon, Anton had calmed down and he had drank the milk and eaten all the fruit.  Anton will be monitored carefully to see how he adapts to his new environment.

We would like to thank our partners Care For The Wild International for their support of our work in Lamandau.  Please consider supporting our work by making a donation or adopting an orangutan.

Thank you,

Orangutan Foundation