Breaking News from the field : Melan released

Individuals from injured and homeless to healthy and free in the wild!..  Melan was the orangutan who we rescued back in April, who had the head wound that required our vet to stitch the skin back together over the top of the head - a tricky job! This is the sort of wound that any individual would almost certainly die from if left untreated.

Fantastic news reached the London office from our staff in Indonesia; Melan was released on Friday the 20th of September, just last week.

She had been in a soft release cage for her safety while her wound was healing since April, healing and regaining her health before being ready to be released. As Ashley was there as the vet was stitching up her wound back in May, it was fantastic that Ashley and the STEPPES groups where there at during the release.


After she was let out of the release cage, she looked around for just a few seconds... Then she made straight for the trees at some speed - as she had never been away.





She will be followed for about ten days, to make sure she is confident in finding food and making nests! Hopefully after that point, our experienced staff will know she's going to be absolutely fine for the rest of her free-running-days. If they can keep up with her that is!