Meet Paula the orangutan

To celebrate Orangutan Awareness Week, we are telling the stories of some of the orangutans who have been given a second chance thanks to your support for our work. Paula

Paula with an infant in 2015. Image© Orangutan Foundation.

Paula with infant Paul, 2017. Image© Orangutan Foundation.

Paula is an adult female orangutan who clearly has strong “motherly instincts”. Not only has she given birth to her own offspring, but she has also adopted Rawit. She was released into the Reserve in 2003. She delighted us last year when staff sent images of Paula with a newborn, Paul on the 25th December 2016.

The photos show a third orangutan. This is Rawit, a juvenile orangutan, who Paula took under her wing (read more here).

Paula with infant Paul and Rawit, 2017. Image© Orangutan Foundation.

Paula is very occasionally seen at the feeding station. This is exactly what we want, for the most part of the year, the forests provide all she and her offspring need.

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