22,000 tree saplings planted out to restore forest habitat

Orangutan means person (orang) of the forest (hutan). Quite simply, without trees, there are no wild orangutans. Image© Orangutan Foundation.

The Orangutan Foundation are not only protecting this vital habitat, but we are also restoring it. Since 2015, we have planted out more than 39,000 seedlings within the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, Indonesian Borneo. More than half of the seedlings were planted out this year. To celebrate this achievement, we organised a tree planting ceremony at the end of October to coincide with the visit of Ashley Leiman OBE, the Orangutan Foundation’s Director and founder.

OF Director Ashley Leiman OBE with Pak Adib, new head of BKSDA, and government officials from Sukamara. Image© Orangutan Foundation.

The event took place at Danau Burung guard post in the Reserve, the site of one of our three tree nurseries. Setting off at 6am, it was a long and bumpy journey by pickup truck, along dirt roads. Once Ashley and our team of staff had arrived they set about constructing a temporary shelter for the guests. This would shield them from the midday sun, out from the coolness of the forest, it is noticeably hotter.

Tree planting ceremony, with speeches. Image© Orangutan Foundation.

Once everyone had arrived, Ashley and Bapak Adib Gunawan, Head of Central Kalimantan’s Wildlife Department (BKSDA Kalteng) opened the ceremony by planting a tree. Many other guests, including government officials were invited to join in.

OF Director Ashley Leiman OBE planting a tree. Image© Orangutan Foundation.

OF Director Ashley Leiman OBE and Pak Adib reading our latest issue of Red Ape. Image© Orangutan Foundation.

It was a long day but extremely worthwhile. Our staff were very proud to show off their excellent work and the ceremony received press coverage throughout the province of Central Kalimantan, which helps enormously to raise awareness about the importance of forests.

OF Director Ashley Leiman OBE together with BKSDA and Orangutan Foundation guard post staff. Image© Orangutan Foundation.


There are many people who have helped to support our Forest Restoration Programme, in particular we would like to thank Orang-Utans in Not e.V., Chris Redston and our Guardians of the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve.

You can also support this work by purchasing a copy of The Orangutan’s World. Not only does this make a wonderful gift, all the proceeds go towards supporting our Forest Restoration Programme.

OF Director Ashley Leiman OBE presenting a copy of our book "The Orangutan's World" to Pak Adib. Image© Orangutan Foundation.