Ian Wood

Smile and the world smiles with you

Ian Wood is a writer and photographer who specialises in nature, travel and wildlife.  He also supports our work through his Orangutan Photographic Trips.  Below is an excerpt from his blog, which will put a smile on your face.  Visit http://agoodplace.co.uk/blog,  Ian's blog, to read his reports on his trips to Borneo in 2012 and take at look at some of his stunning photography. 'Exchanging eye contact with any great ape imbues a deep sense of connection ... so when this mother and baby orangutan gazed into my eyes it was already a special moment. But then something else happened ... they both started displaying emotions which looked like laughter. So here's the question ... are they smiling and laughing ? Or am I merely observing them from my limited perception of being human ? @IanWoodPhotos'

A big thank you to Ian and to all who joined one of Ian's trips in 2012 for supporting our work.

Thank you,

Orangutan Foundation