Lamandau’s orangutans -a healthy growing population!

Thanks for your recent questions and sorry for the slow reponse! News straight from the field is that Lady Di is healthy and is well enough to be released this Saturday!  I visited her last week and took these pictures.

Bornean Female Orangutan -Lady Di and baby

Borneo female orangutan -Lady Di and infant (photo:Orangutan Foundation) 

Bornean Female Orangutan 

Dr Fikri and the camp staff have taken really good care of Lady Di and while she has had to spend nights in a cage so that she doesn't go off and cause further damage to herself, the staff let her out during the day and they keep a close watch on her! 

Regarding who is the father of Sawit's offspring. We know that it's a wild male, but he doesn't stay around camp. Dr Fiqri is delighted to report that Sawit has given birth to a healthy baby girl (Sawit was more pregnant than we suspected!). Our Field Assistants are looking for name suggestions for Sawit's new infant. It has to start with S and to be Indonesian. Please leave suggestions as a comments.



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