Recovery of orangutan blinded by air gun pellets

Aan's condition has remained stable since she was taken to the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, where the Orangutan Foundation run six orangutan release camps.  Aan is at Camp Gemini, which has a veterinary clinic and a suitable temporary enclosure.

We are pleased to report Aan is very active and eats by having fruit placed in her hand.

She receives new branches with fresh leaves everyday and makes a nest on the floor.

When the staff enter the enclosure to clean and replace leaves Aan always moves away to the top of the enclosure and then comes back down after they have left.

Dr Fikri, our vet, believes that Aan's hearing is normal allaying fears that she might go deaf because of pellets lodged around her ears.

We will keep you updated on Aan's progress. We need help to support the costs of caring for Aan and other orangutans in need of rescue. Please consider a donation or why not get your work place involved in Orange for Orangutan Day next week?

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Blind female orangutan can now see her baby twins

Yesterday we received wonderful news from Ian Singleton from the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.  Gober, a blind female orangutan, sucessfully gave birth to twins in January. Now, after receving ground-breaking surgery, Gober, for the first-time, can see her twins. We wish her a speedy recovery and congratulate SOCP. Read SOCP's press release

One way to support ours and SOCP's work is to adopt Wenda, a gorgeous Sumatran orangutan.

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