My fun in the forest is drawing to an end…

This post has two parts, a fun story and a sad one. I'll start with the fun one first. Last Sunday’s day out, when I caught up with orangutan Zidane at Camp Buluh, wasn't all plain sailing. As we headed up to Camp Buluh our speedboat hit a submerged log. This happens fairly often and is normally no big drama. On Sunday, however, we hit the log end-on and split it with the result the speedboat’s propeller ended-up stuck fast in the V formed by the split wood. Try as we might, we could not free the boat. The only thing for it was to get in the water. Without really thinking, the driver and I jumped in. Bracing one foot on one side of the V and pulling at the other side I tried to open the gap while the driver pushed the engine free.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Stephen in deep water

In case you can't make out the red writing it reads - 'uncomfortably, deep, dark water!'

I had not been in the water many minutes before I suddenly remembered the crocodile attack from earlier in the year! That water is very, very black. And deep. All of which can really set your imagination into overdrive: I was very happy to climb back on board.

The second, sad piece of information is that I won’t be telling you many more of these stories. Our day out was part of my handover: in April I will be leaving Indonesia, hopefully to return to University to study veterinary medicine.

June Rubis at Pondok Ambung

June Rubis at Pondok Ambung Tropical Forest Research Station.

Pak Hudi

Mr Hudi Dewe above and below.

Mr Hudi

The good news is that two great people are taking over from me: June Rubis from Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo) and Mr. Hudi Dewe from Java. Both have years of experience behind them and will no doubt keep this blog flowing. I welcome them both to the Orangutan Foundation.

Many thanks,