Reply to recent comments

Thank you for all your recent comments on this blog. Super, thank you Brigitta for translating the Rainforest Education Pack and Teacher's Notes. If you don't mind sending us a copy of the CD that would be great. Please can you send it to: Orangutan Foundation, 7 Kent Terrace, London, NW1 4RP, UK. As always Brigitta, many thanks!

Paula you asked about the global economic melt down. Yes, it is affecting us and everyone, everywhere or so it seems. However, in the spirit of ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ the slow down has reduced investment in the oil palm and mining sectors and, like other commodities, the price of oil palm has dropped. There is virtually no plantation development taking place in our area at the moment.

Sheryl you commented that "Zidane looks better but he still has this sorrowful look in his eyes". Many orangutans have that look; I personally think it is to do with their dark pupils and the wrinkles around their eyes. However, if you think “curious” rather than sorrowful I am sure you will be convinced that is what it actually is.

Rosa -orangutan eyes

orangutan eyes - curious or sorrowful? Photo by Rosa Garriga.