Orangutan Awareness Week

To mark Orangutan Awareness Week here are some lovely images of these great apes. They were all taken by Ian Wood, who runs photo tours to Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo.  We've included some other animals shots too because if you protect orangutan habitat you also protect 1000's of other species! Why not do something for orangutans this week, whether it is going orange for the day, organising your own event or making a donation to Orangutan Foundation , every little action helps!  Young Bornean orangutan by Ian Wood

Eyes closed by Ian Wood

Proposcis monkey leaping by Ian Wood

What a profile! Male proboscis monkey by Ian Wood

A majestic monitor lizard by Ian Wood

Bornean orangutan with some rain cover - by Ian Wood

More posts and pics to follow this week..

Thank you,

Orangutan Foundation