Progress of orphaned orangutan

Report just in from Pak Tigor, the Orangutan Foundation's Orangutan Re-introduction Manager, about Steph the little orphan orangutan that was rescued from an oil palm plantation and taken to the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve.
"Steph is very healthy, energetic and  now wants to play all the time with carer.

orphan orangutan Steph playing in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve

At the end of October,  her  weight reached 5 kg. Every day activities usually start with a bath in the morning, eating and drinking and after that  Steph is taken by our field staff to play and climb trees in the forest.  And if possible they introduce natural food like young leaves or fruit.

Steph being bathed by Orangutan Foundation staff

Steph's "nest"

Steph in her cage.

Orphan orangutan Steph waiting to go out into the forest

Sometimes when playing in the forest Steph was approached by a female orangutan (ex-captive) with infant. Upon seeing this our field staff went to leave in the hope that Steph can play with the other baby orangutan. But this wasn't what Steph wanted as she looked scared and did not want to be approached and started Steph crying. The female orangutan also didn't want to interfere with Steph. After this Steph was brought back to camp for a break.
When I visted Camp Rasak a few weeks ago Steph was playing on the branch of tree near the staff dining room "ruang makan". Hongki, a male orangutan, came over and took Steph to the top of a tree and kept her until the afternoon.

Hongki, male orangutan who took Steph for the afternoon

Hongki then came down from the tree and allowed the Orangutan Foundation staff to take Steph back.  They checked her over to make sure she hadn't been hurt and she was absolutely fine. It was just another experience for Steph and one which will hopefully help her as she grows up and attempts to survive in the wild.
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Thank you,

Pak Tigor - Orangutan Foundation Re-introduction Manager

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