New year, New home

New Year's Day welcomed three new additions to the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve! Just days earlier, mother of two, Sera, and her infants Karno and Rano were rescued by OF-UK staff from a rubber plantation close to the local town of Sampit, and released into the reserve after a few days of quarantine! Because Rano is a new-born infant, thought to be only one or two weeks old, the rescue was trickier than most others, and OF-UK staff had to be extra careful not to injure Rano in the process. 1.1.16 rescue 1.1.16 rescue 3

1.1.16 release 21.1.16 release 3After all their check-ups from Foundation vet Dr. Wawan, all three orangutans were found to be in perfect health, and are now enjoying their life of freedom and security in the protected Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. 1.1.16 release1.1.16 release 41.1.16 release 51.1.16 release 61.1.16 release 7

You can watch the full release on video here!

Happy New Year Foundation supporters!